Criteria That Auditors Should Cover in a Restaurant Audit

Criteria That Auditors Should Cover in a Restaurant Audit

There are a lot of reasons for restaurants to undergo audits, which may include the review of its design and facilities, as well as menu evaluation. Among all, the most crucial aspect that the auditor from audit firms in Johor Bahru should look into is health and safety because this aspect reflects the well-being of the customers and employees of a restaurant. If the restaurant conducts an internal audit, the restaurant manager may perform audits by using a checklist that states the criteria that they need to include in a restaurant audit.

Facility Safety

The restaurant should audit the facilities it has to determine if any trouble spots may result in the employees’ injuries or health issues. What the auditors can do includes checking daily and hourly maintenance points, for example, ensuring the cleanliness of the floor and making sure that there are no obstacles on the floor. Also, a facility audit can involve an in-depth pest inspection, and it may include examining whether there are any gaps or holes that the pests may enter and whether the company have arranged a licensed contractor to fix the problems if necessary. When the auditors assess the facility safety, they may also check the items that the managers may not regularly review (Also see Difference Between Audit, Review and Compilation of Financial Statement), for example, the handrails of the stairs, doors and the lightings in the parking lot.


The health and safety audit makes sure that the restaurant complies with the regulations of the Ministry of Health, which includes attaching posters and documents on the bulletin boards according to the requirement of law. For example, some places may want the restaurant to display valid operating permit and any notices and documents from the Ministry of Health. Other items that the restaurant should maintain or display include warning labels if needed, as well as safety instructions for specific equipment like the fire extinguishers.

Food Safety

A crucial aspect of restaurant audits includes confirming that the restaurant is preparing, handling and storing food in the best way they could. To achieve this, the auditors can check whether the restaurant’s suppliers have up-to-the-minute documents and whether they have inspected the food deliveries to see if there is any damage or other problems (Also see Procedures in a Supplier Audit). Also, the auditors will examine whether the restaurant has labelled the perishables and the expiration dates properly. They may also audit the kitchen equipment to make sure that the stoves and refrigerators are functioning at the optimal temperatures to ensure food safety.

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