The carrying value refers to the reported cost of the assets that a company owns. This means that the carrying
Dividend refers to the portion of profits the company has generated which is distributed to the company’s shareholders. Most people
One of the crucial facts that you should know before you start running a business is that you need to
Typically, the small and private businesses will appoint in-house auditors or engage an audit firm in Johor Bahru to perform
All the for-profit organisations have the same objective, that is to generate profit. To earn a profit, the company needs
In the world of business, there are two types of years, which are the calendar year and the fiscal year.
Managing the inventories of a company is never an easy task for companies which are entirely stock oriented. Business owners
Nowadays, you can hardly find a company with cancelled paper cheques and handwritten ledgers. The auditors in audit firms in
An asset’s market value shows its actual market price, where people would trade it at that price at the marketplace.
The bank reconciliation refers to the process of matching up the information on a company’s bank statement with the corresponding
Goodwill amortisation is the systematic and gradual reduction of the value of a company’s goodwill asset. A company may calculate
In an inventory audit, a visual inspection can be crucial for all companies regardless of the field of their business.