Besides having a financial audit that an audit firm in Johor Bahru will conduct for the companies, business owners should
Period costs are the costs that you are unable to capitalise into fixed assets, inventories or prepaid expenses. On the
What type of cost would you include when calculating the expenses that your company has spent? The costs that you
If you are running a manufacturing business, inventories are what you always need to handle. Doing accounting tasks about inventories
An overdue invoice refers to billing that a company has not paid at its due date. If your company extends
There are a lot of reasons for restaurants to undergo audits, which may include the review of its design and
Some business owners who are not familiar with accounting may have a big doubt in their mind when they calculate
If a business owner wants to forecast the cash flow of his company, the process includes creating a comprehensive list
Besides getting a financial audit from an audit firm in Johor Bahru, business owners should also perform eligibility audits in
Have you ever wondered how the accountants in an accounting firm in Johor Bahru record all kinds of business transactions?
Have you ever heard of write-offs? Write-offs refer to the reduction of an item’s recognised value. In accounting, write-offs are
Throughout the useful life of an asset, you may sell it out at any point within that period. Hence, when