Safety Tips to Safeguard Your Online Data

As an entrepreneur, your priority should be ensuring the safety of your data in this era of information technology (Also see How does Technology Set Path For Future Accounting?). Whether it is proprietary information of your company, a database of the contact details of your customer’s, or a simple mailing list, it is your responsibilities to protect all sensitive data that you save online from potential attacks.

Below are some tips for you to protect the data that you store online.

Set Complicated Passwords

Your password is the first thing that would protect you from potential attacks. Although this seems obvious, there are still many individuals who make such mistake of using easy passwords which are quite simple to break. Always use complicated combinations of words, numbers, or even signs protect yourself from random or intentional hacking attempts. Besides, use information that no one else knows when you set up security questions. If you want to ensure maximum protection, you can also change your password from time to time.

Acquire a Safe Payment Gateway

If you have integrated your website with e-commerce capabilities (Also see Most Welcomed Business Trends In Malaysia), think about using a third-party e-commerce application, like Google Checkout or PayPal, which you may install them in your website easily. Handling an e-commerce system on your own is a security nightmare, and the best solution is to use a third-party payment gateway. For nominal fees, third-party applications like them will manage all security problems and make sure that no problem will arise from the online transactions.

Ensure That Your Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus Programs are Updated

You have to make sure that you have been updating your anti-spyware as well as anti-virus systems. Bear in mind that viruses, malware, as well as various other risks, develop quickly in the digital world. Thus, you have to be updated with the latest developments to safeguard your data. Besides, you should be aware of new online threats. In this manner, you are wary of the prospective risks, and you have the capability of coping with them.

Restrict User Access

You need to limit the number of staff members who can access to your content management system (CMS) or web hosting server (Also see Importance of Information Management System in Organisation). If you require to permit your workers to edit content, ensure that their access to is only limited to content editing. By restricting the number of individuals who possess complete administrative access, you reduce the risk of having some prospective hackers to obtain your admin passwords accidentally.

Look for a Dependable Hosting Provider

Before picking a web hosting service for your firm, do your due diligence. Besides comparing the service packages, you should also check client feedback, as well as ensure that the company is qualified and dependable. You will have peace of mind if you know that you are leaving your website to a knowledgeable and trustworthy provider.

Besides keeping your data safely, knowing the real financial status of your firm is of utmost importance too. Thus, if you have any queries about accounting-related tasks, do not hesitate to get assistance from an accounting firm in Johor Bahru

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