Introduction to Balance Sheet

You will see a balance sheet when doing bookkeeping using an accounting software application or employed an accounting professional to manage your financial statement. The balance sheet, together with the statement of cash flows and Profit and Loss, offers the overview of a company’s financial standing.

The balance sheet is used by investors and company owners to know what the business owes and what it owns. The main use of the balance sheet is to track incomes and expenses.

A balance sheet (Also see The Difference Between Trial Balance and Balance Sheet) is the essential financial statements applied in accounting and it is separated into two sides. The left side reveals the business’s assets while on the right side, the shareholders’ equity and business’ liabilities are reported.

The balance sheet shows the snapshot of a company’s financial standing at a single moment. For instance, an accounting duration usually is 12 months long. The accounts on the balance sheet would show the number of liabilities and assets at the final minute of the accounting duration.

Analysis Using Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is essential to identify a company’s liquidity, return rates and leverage. When the current assets are higher than current liabilities, this suggests that the business is most likely in a great financial position and could cover its short-term financial commitments.

Leverage can be used to explain how much of a business’s capital originates from debt. How does the balance sheet affect a company’s leverage? The debt to equity ratio is used to divide liabilities from investor’s equity to demonstrate how leveraged the business is.

Besides, other calculations (Also see Financial ratio you need to know), such as return on assets and return on equity, could be computed using the financial information on the balance sheet. These calculations help investors to decide whether they would receive profits on the money they invest in the business.

The balance sheet is among the three financial statements that gives you an overview of your business’ financial standing. Investors can view your balance sheet to see if you have an asset rich company they would like to invest in if your business is doing well.

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