3 Biggest Myths About Accounting

Every business owner is required to record their transactions, regardless of the size of the business. This is because precise accounting helps to keep track of the cash flow in order to know the financial condition of the business.

Nevertheless, business owners always understate the significance of an accounting professional and think that accounting and bookkeeping is a job they can handle on their own (Also see What Do You Need to Know About Ordinary and Necessary Business Expenses). These false beliefs usually stem from the myth about accounting and scepticism about accounting services provided by professional accountants.

These influences of the myths might lead to financial problems to the businesses. Hence, here are some truth about common accounting myths.

My business is too small, there is no need to employ an accountant

This misconception occurs because the advantages of engaging an bookkeeping service are not very visible to small or new businesses. The reality is, small businesses need an accounting professional just as much as well-established businesses to fully understand their business’s budget plans, cash flow analysis and forecasts (Also see 3 Top Common Errors in Accounting).

My business just needs an bookkeeping service to manage my tax at the end of the fiscal year

Business owners assume that they know their business well while bookkeeping service in Johor Bahru are only required when filing taxes. The truth is that accountants not only prepare tax, they also play a vital role as business consultants too. It is too late to carry out tax saving plans as the business owner needs to wait until year-end to analyse the business’s growth.

There is a software application for my accounting

Technology and innovation have improved our daily tasks and made things a lot easier. Nowadays, there are many accounting software applications introduced in the market which cause young business owners to believe in this misconception. Even though software applications are very useful in managing bookkeeping and generating reports, they do not offer a tactical strategy that could help you to grow your business (Also see 4 Benefits of Good Bookkeeping) . The software applications do not inform you when your company is facing financial difficulty and do not give you tips on how to save tax.

Reach out to any accounting firm in Johor Bahru if you wish to know more information about bookkeeping to understand your business.

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